Polidev Management, LLC, formerly named Polidev International, LLC, has been actively managing a commercial real estate portfolio; 351 California Street, a 140,000 sf office building with a ground floor retail component in the Financial District of San Francisco, and 747 Front Street, a 87,000 sf office building in the prominent Jackson Square of San Francisco, and 332 Pine Street, a 47,000 sf office building with a ground floor retail component again in the Financial District of San Francisco.

Drawing upon its international strength in management and construction, Polidev Management has a key staff with a combined experience of over fifty years. It is this experience coupled with a strong work ethic have been a motivating factor in ensuring value is constantly added to assets under management. Acting proactively, investing in routine maintenance, Polidev Management avoids major failures that would disrupt its tenants’ businesses. Constant monitoring of approved vendors’ operations, and exercising sustainable practices, Polidev has been able to, and continuously aims to reduce operational costs over 10% per annum, passing the savings to its tenant base.

Polidev sees its tenants as its partners. Upon undertaking the management of a new property, it works hard to create long-term relationship, listens to, and encourage feedback, and implement immediate changes visible to tenants. Tenants know that the Polidev Facilities Maintenance team is always one call away, and Property Managers are readily available to help. Polidev’s strives to satisfy its tenants fully, who inherently stay longer in its properties creating a formula for success.